About Us

About Us


Wes Amp Limited is a design, engineering, and construction firm with a clear vision of changing the norm in today’s engineering and construction industry.

Our team of young and vibrant design engineers and architects offer not only the best services in the construction industry but also cutting-edge innovations to tackle complex infrastructure problems. 

Our project portfolio includes residential, commercial, industrial, and religious development.


Design and Engineering

Plan-based design and construction process to ensure our projects are done with high standards and delivered on time.

Renovations and Repairs

Rejuvenation of existing structures, so they are better than before

Turnkey Contracting

We offer flexible contracting to ensure every client has a package to suit for them

About the C.E.O

Ose Peter Afeanejie

Ose is a structural engineer whose major interest is in developing alternative solutions to produce greener and more economical structures.  He believes that the key to greener structures is by having a high level of understanding of how buildings behave under stress and hence reduce the dependency on conservative estimates in analysis and design calculations. By having this reduction, we can produce structures that use lesser volume of concrete, number of rebars, and thinner sections of structural steel, hence producing greener structures.

Ose is a strong proponent for eliminating repetitive calculation in structural analysis and believes that the future of structural engineering heavily relies on structural engineers being able to write custom programs to tackle the mundane task in structural analysis.

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